Monday, March 12, 2012

Flower Tutorial with Debbie!


I hope you all had a great weekend!

We're back today with a super cute tutorial on how you can make a flower just like Debbie's!  I had never thought or seen this technique for a flower and I can't wait to try it!  Let's take a look back at Debbie's project and then start the tutorial!

Flower Tutorial with Debbie

Here’s how to make the flowers:
1.  I made flowers in two sizes by cutting a 12 X 1 ½ strip for the larger and a 12 x 1” strip for the smaller flowers.  I used a scalloped border punch along one side and ran a strip of Scor-Tape along the back side. 

2.  Then I ran the strip through my crimper several times…..don’t worry about matching up the ridges.  The crimping adds texture and pliability to the strip and makes it very easy to pleat into a flower shape.   I punched a 1” circle as the base and put a small mark in the center to help keep the pleating evenly spaced.  After pulling off the Scor-Tape, I pleated the strip around the circle base – two strips were used for the larger flowers and one and a half were used for the smaller ones. 

3.  A large brad through the mark on the base circle holds down the center of the flower. My brads were silver which did not work with the paper, but a quick sweep with a yellow Copic marker changed that in an instant.

Thanks, Debbie!  I love these flowers and I also love using the crimper - it's nice when you have different ways to use a tool!

We'll see you back her tomorrow to share Becky's project!

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