Monday, September 22, 2008

Card Swap

October 4 is National Card Making Day and in honor of that Pages is hosting its 1st ever card swap. Here are the rules:

5 Full Cards -- you will get back 4 including 1 of your own

2 or more layers

No vendor restrictions.

At least one embellishment (i.e. ribbon, rhinestone, charm, etc.)

Please sign and number each of your swaps and put them in a zip-lock bag. Your bag should be marked with your name and Group #. Bring your swaps to Pages From the Heart by Saturday, October 4th at 10am. We will swap the cards for you and you can pick them back up again anytime after 11am on Saturday! To join this swap, send me an email at I will start with 5 groups and expand if necessary. You may join multiple groups, but you must make a different set of cards for each group you join.

This is a great way to swap lots of fun ideas! Please let me know if you have any questions!

I’m really excited to see what you all design.