Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Debbie's Cards Reveal

Good Morning,

As Michelle mentioned yesterday, the March Assignment for the Design Team was to create their own embellishments, and I just have to say, that I've been very impressed with the different embellishments that each member has come up with!  I hope that you've seen something new and exciting too!

Today we're back with Debbie, who made 3 cards from her Authentique collection.  Let's take a look!

Cards Set by Debbie
Collection: Authentique Genuine Collection

My second project is a set of cards from the same Genuine collection.  The handmade embellishment is the ribbon and tag pin. 

 Look closely and you’ll see that it is a large safety pin onto which I tied 4” pieces of sheer patterned ribbon and hung three small tags from the “Details” sheet.   A small envelope with a “friend” letter – from that same “Details” sheet – perfectly complements the lined patterned paper on the second card.  And a variation of the pleated ribbon technique described in the tutorial above was used to make the ruffle on the third card.
Thanks, Debbie!  These cards look great, and it's so nice to see all the different ways she used the Detail sheet. 
We'll see everyone back tomorrow with a project from Becky!


Pages From the Heart said...

Debbie's teaching these cars in a class 3/29th at 7pm. Come join us!!

Pages From the Heart said...

Oops...should have said cards. When will I learn to proofread before I post?!