Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday Tutorial with Christina!

Hello!  Here is a GREAT tutorial from Christina!  You'll be running to get your embossing powder, pigment ink, stamp and any/all of your acrylic pieces to give it a shot!

This month I will show you how to add a dimensional layer onto a clear plastic embellishment! This gives a subtle, etched look on an otherwise plain, flat surface. First, you need a “Fragments” embellishment from Tim Holtz, which is simply a clear plastic charm.

Using a medium-grit sandpaper, sand only one side of the charm to give it a frosted look.

Take a stamp you’d like to use (I used one of mini dots for my project, but flourishes look really great!) and apply an embossing ink pad (I used a bottle of embossing liquid).

Press the design onto the sanded side of the charm (or press the charm onto the stamp!)

Add clear embossing powder until it is completely coated. Remove the excess (this may be poured back into the jar for re-use) by tapping on the opposite side several times.

Melt the embossing powder using a heat gun, careful to only heat it for only seconds at a time because the plastic charm will melt! So let it cool repeatedly before continuing, but keep applying heat until all the powder has melted. This is what created the clear design onto the scratched surface. Think of it as removing a design (your stamped image) from a frosted surface.

I simply added stickers and ribbon.... but you can do many things to it! Add a solid or patterned paper (stick to the embossed side) or color the charm’s embossed side with a stamp pad or a variety of other inks. NOTE: You can also use those frosted glass slides for this method and skip step 2 - this makes beautiful charms for jewelry!!)

That's it, thanks Christina!  I hope that you give this a try, I think this is a great tutorial and out of the box - errr - plastic!

See you back here tomorrow!

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Donna Peep said...

Wow!! That is a really great idea. I am going to try it. Thanks for sharing