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Design Team: Vacation Envelope Mini-Album

Hello Pages Peeps, this is Michelle here to share with you my July projects. I made three projects, plus a bonus card that I'll be revealing over the course of next week.

The Collection
I worked with two Echo Park collections for my projects. The first one is entitled, This & That. There are two versions, a This & That Graceful which is geared toward girls and a This & That Charming which is geared toward boys. The Graceful version has more reds and pinks in it, while the Charming has more blues and greens in it. I worked with the Charming version. 
Echo Park's This & That Collection

The second collection I used is Enjoy the Ride, which features a travel theme. It is also part of their new Mini Themes series. A regular collection kit contains 12 sheets of papers and 2 sheets of stickers, while a mini collection contains 6 sheets of papers and a 1/2 sheet of stickers. This would be good for smaller projects where you don't want to end up with too many leftover pieces.

Echo Park's Enjoy the Ride Mini Collection

The Reveal
With summer in full swing, I wanted to make a vacation mini-album. For my cover, I bought a $2.00 mini 3-ring binder from Big Lots. I decorated the exterior with the papers and stickers from the collections above. Plus I incorporated three photos into the filmstrip stickers and added Glossy Accents on top to give it a sheen. 

Album Cover

For the inside pages, I used A7 envelopes (5 x 7") with a matching folded card inside. This will yield 6 surfaces to work with - front and back of the envelope, front and back of the card, and the inside double panel of the card. 

Unadorned Envelope Pages

I used each card and envelope page to scrap one attraction from my trip. Here is the same brown bag envelope and card decorated.
Finished Envelope & Card Page

Here are all six panels of one page. I utilized 8 photos, 1 entrance ticket, 1 postcard, 1 journaling card, 2 brochure cut outs, 2 souvenirs and my regular patterned papers and embellishments on one card & envelope set. As you can see, each page holds a lot of information and memories from the trip.

Views of all Six Sections on a Page

The Interior
The inside cover has the itinerary for the week plus two photos I didn't make a page for. This gives the reader a quick overview of the album. 

Inside Cover
There are 7 pages total in the album, but I will just walk through one page here. Even though each page looks very different from the others, I had some unifying features to make it easier on me to design and on the viewers when browsing through the album.

One of the attractions I visited was Discovery Cove in Orlando, Florida. On the front of the envelope, which is what the viewer will see first, I placed the name of the attraction, which is usually a cut out from a brochure, an identifying photo and the ticket. In this case, I received an ID tag with a lanyard which I cut up and adhered as a ribbon banner.

Front of Envelope
On each inside flap of the envelope, I adhered a 3 x 4" journaling card which I had to cut in half to make it fit. I brought the journaling cards with me and filled out one a day during the trip. I'm really glad I did so I remembered the details while it was fresh in my mind. Later, I didn't feel like journaling when I was busy designing each page. The front of the card is also a good place for a 5 x 7" photo, which I did trim down a bit to make room for the hole punches for the rings.

Interior of Envelope with Card Front
On the inside of the card, I put a map of the attraction. Since this map was smaller, I had room for four more 2 x 3" photos, plus more of my lanyard.

Interior of Card
The back of the envelope has a description and photo from the brochure and the back of the card has a photo collage. 
Back of Envelope and Card
I ended up using most of photos and memorabilia from my trip. Anything leftover went in a special envelope at the back of the album. Everything else was tossed since realistically I would never get to it again. 

Last Chance Envelope

Unused Memorabilia
On previous trips, I'd collect a bunch of little things for scrapping purposes and never get to them or they would look too busy on a 12 x 12" page so I chose not to use them. I'd feel bad throwing them away but I never knew what to do with these items. By making a mini-album, these items were utilized since the layout design is secondary to preserving memories. Also, an envelope album lends itself well to housing a lot of memorabilia and has a more fun and casual air.

The Supplies
Featuring Echo Park's This & That Charming collection and Enjoy the Ride collection

5 x 9" Binder: unmarked from Big Lots
Brown Bag Envelopes:
Brown Bag Folded Card:
Patterned Papers: Echo Park
Alphabet Stickers: Echo Park
Stickers: Echo Park
Ribbon: May Arts
Chalk Ink: Prima
Other: brochures, souvenirs 

You can use any card envelope you have already and just cut cardstock to fit inside and find a binder to fit. You can make this for any other theme, not just for a vacation. It is a fun and interactive album and it took a lot less time than a 12 x 12" album. If you'd like to see the rest of the pages, please visit Pages from the Heart. I also have a bonus page up on my blog which I didn't turn in to Pages as the alligator teeth I used seemed too fragile for display purposes. 

Thanks so much for stoppin' by, 

BTW, if you signed up for the Shop Hop through Pages, I hope to see you all at Page's Shop Hop dinner which starts at 5PM tonight! (Saturday, July 14th)

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