Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bo Bunny Detour Collection

Hi Pages Peeps! It's Michelle here today with three projects to share with you.

The Collection
I worked with Bo Bunny's Detour collection which features travel themed designs in dark, masculine colors. More specifically, I wanted to utilize the little 6 x 6" paper pad on projects outside of a card.

Project #1: Sunburst Layout
I wanted to create a sunburst background, but the 6 x 6" size is too small to cover the entire width of a 12" cardstock. What I did was cut out a smaller piece of cardstock around 6 x 10," created the sunburst on the smaller cardstock and stitched it onto the larger background piece.

 Here is a mini tutorial on creating your own sunburst or sunrise background.

  1. On a piece of scratch paper the size of your sunburst, draw out your rays. Number the sections for easier identification later. 
  2. Cut along the rays to make some templates. 
  3. Place your patterned paper over a piece of the ray and cut according to the template. 
  4. Arrange your newly cut pieces and adhere. Stitch along the seams for a quilted look. 

This is a great way to use up all your loose scraps of papers. 

Project #2: You're a Rockstar
Even though this is a travel collection, I wanted to make something non-travel related. I wanted to use it on an easy gift item so I paired it with a can of Rockstar Energy Drink. The colors of the can matched perfectly with the colors of the Detour collection.

I used a cloth wrapped floral stem, which is found in the floral section of a craft store, as the starting off point. I attached a sign which reads, "I think you're a ..." which is completed by the name of the drink. To continue the rockstar theme, I made some star shaped flowers and attached it to the sign. The floral stem is a green color and didn't match, so to tone it down, I wrapped some black washi tape around the stem. 

I adhered the stem to a belly band that I wrapped around the drink. This would make a fun gift to give to a guy. 

Project #3: Mini-Album
For my last project, I made a travel mini-album. The cover is a piece of plain chipboard that I folded and added patterned papers and embellishments onto. I hole punched it and used two book rings to secure the inside pages.

The best part of the album is that the inside pages are made from the 6 x 6" sheets. Make a 2" fold along one edge, take two folded pieces and stitch on three sides. This will give you a pocket along the 2" fold to store tags, photos, memorabilia. 

The bonus is that there is an extra space between the pages (back to back). That is where I placed my journaling with little pull tabs. For more info., please see this post from Practical Scrapper's blog. 

Here is a view of all the pages inside. 

This is a great way to use up those 6 x 6" pads. If you don't have that, then just cut up a 12 x 12" paper and you'll have four pages to work with. I ended up placing all the memorabilia I brought back from my trip (brochures, photos, business cards, bookmarks, pins) inside the album. Otherwise, it would just be gathering dust in a forgotten drawer. 

All the projects are on display at Pages from the Heart, so you can see it in person when you come on by!

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