Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Let's Learn a thing or two with Lauren!


Being so close to Christmas, I wanted to share Lauren's tutorial today!  If you've ever been in a bind trying to find a box to fit a present, then this tutorial is perfect for you!  Just grab {2} 12"x12" double sided printed papers and and follow along!

Gift Box with Bow and Ornament Tag

A great way to add to a thoughtful gift with extra thoughtfulness is to package it in a handmade box! I added a little ribbon & a paper bow to top it off. You can also attach an tag that can double as an ornament. Fun, right?

To create the box, you will need two pieces of square paper. One of the papers should be 1/4” smaller on all sides. For this box, I used 12 x 12” and 11.75 x 11.75” papers.

Starting with the 11.75 x 11.75” paper, fold all four corners into the center. To help, make small marks at the halfway point on the edges to make the folds even.

Next, fold one edge so it aligns with the center. Repeat with all of the sides.

Unfold one corner and its adjacent corner. You will make cuts along the fold as marked in the photo. Make this cut on each side of the corner and on the adjacent corner. Do not cut the other two corners.

Fold up the corners that were not cut and create two sides of the box. I used strips of tape to help hold them in place.

Fold the trimmed corners over. Use double sided tape to stick them in place and hold the box together.

Repeat with the 12 x 12” paper for the lid of the box. If you’re using designer paper, make sure the design you want is face down when you start folding.

Here are the two pieces completed! And what they look like put together.

Thanks, Lauren!  What a great tutorial!  These boxes are just as much of a present at the gift inside!

We'll see you back here tomorrow!

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Donna Peep said...

What a great idea, Love it. Thanks for sharing